Friday, June 22, 2012

Follow up on grits and mosquito trap

Hello all you killers of the inconvenient!

Well since the mosquito trap post it has been outside doing it's thing. At the moment it's thing seems to be to mold. I'm not sure if there were little bodies in it as it was plums and plum juice but I stirred it up and set it back out to collect some more victims. I'll let you know if anything changes.

And since I posted the grits article I wandered over two other articles that say grits does nothing but make them go out another entrance and doesn't really kill the ants. Well hmm, I'm torn as to how I should feel. The objective of whatever you use to deal with ants is to make them disappear, yes? So if all grits do is run them off is that not part of the sought solution? I started looking for some way of running them out of the goat barns because they sting my little goats, and I started using it on the pasture so I wouldn't have to worry so much when I sit down out there. To me grits works, as the ants disappear, which again to me is the whole point.

I would also like to make sure you understand the articles that say grits does nothing are from "about-dot-com" where I believe nothing of what is said there, and the other is pest control products websites that shill toxic chemicals as the only way of dealing with this. So there you are, another example of someone saying "that cheap, non-petroleum, non-toxic based thing doesn't work, but the expensive, petroleum based, toxic to you and your endocrine system thing we have for sale does."

AAAnyway, I wanted to update you on some things (those few of you paying attention.)

Thanks for stopping by!

PS I have a house update I'll be posting soon, some big things are happening!

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