Friday, June 15, 2012

Hey look some nature, kill it!

Hello all of you near the top of the kill chain!

Today's topic once again revolves around human domination over another insect, the mosquito. I don't know if you get Mother Earth News but in the June/July 2012 printing it has a mosquito article and it is just buzzing with information relative to the demise of the mosquito. It references plants to grow, one of which is Bee Balm-which bees like of course, it is a perennial and it repels mosquitoes to boot. It also has a recipe to make mosquito traps, which study data from Africa says traps 90 percent of a local mosquito population. I am incredulous at the bold 90 percentile statement nonetheless I have made a trap and is fermenting as we speak.

You can click here to go read it. And the trap recipe is on page 2 of the article.

I'll report back with what the trap I made turns up in the next few days.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS If you are worried about West Nile Virus then check this link to see if you are even in a county that has reports of it.

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