Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kiss mah grits!

Hello all of you who hate fire ants as much as I do!

Well I am here with another potential weapon in the ground war versus the fire ant. It is grits. You know, the breakfast food you have heard of but may never have eaten. What I have is found in a can and is called 'Instant Grits' and is available at any grocery store where you would find oatmeal.

What you do is just sprinkle a pinch of some grits over the pile, or hole in the ground-which is a technique the ones out here have developed. Either way, they will start picking it up aggressively and begin taking it into the mound. You may see them continuing to do this for the next couple of days, and then after a few more days, if lucky, you may see nobody home at the mound. This is because the grits material swells when exposed to water. The moisture content in an ant is enough during digestion to allow for the piece of grits to expand to many times its size thus popping the ant because an ant cannot loosen it's belt after a filling last dinner.

If you are trying to lessen your use of chemical weapons when attempting to control nature then this may be another tool in your arsenal. Either way it seems for the moment to be working out here and I suggest it wholeheartedly.

Good luck and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow!!! That's awesome! I'm definitely going to try that next time. Heath just put a ton of poison down last night, but I'll mention the grits to him. In addition to being chemical-free, they are a lot cheaper than Amdro!

    Here's a hint from me to you - got armadillos digging too many holes? Get a large cheap bottle of cayenne, and shake it around the border of your property (or field or whatever)... on a non-windy day. It will keep them (and any other sensitive nosed-critter) out for at least a month or three.

    1. Thanks for the great tip, but here, without an out of control HOA to get in the way, Armadillos are handled with cheap, fast moving lead. But I could see how cayenne can be applied on them afterwards, say before grilling. Eat local!