Friday, June 8, 2012

Long Live the Queen

Hello bee lovers everywhere!

Hurray. I say hurray because I went to check on the placed hive over in the clover field and saw some very positive news. The queen has emerged. This means that the cell I saw was one made by the bees in the tree trapout #1, and she has now emerged and is out somewhere having wild bee sex with many partners. I only feel a tiny bit sorry for all the drones that make it with her as they die after the fateful good time. In case you did not know Drones are the only male bees in a bee colony. They have no stinger and no real purpose in their own hive but to hang out and eat honey until they fly off to seek out relations with a wild Queen bee to pass on their genetics. Once they do the deed their genitals are ripped off and stay in the queen until they fall out somewhere while she flies about looking for other partners. Then the spent drones fall back to Earth to enrich the ground with bee carcasses. We human males have it a bit better I think, at least in this regard anyway.

So good news all around. A box of bees with a queen costs around $150 and I have a box's worth now ramping up in a clover field. Very nice. The #1 tree should make at least one more, if not two more boxes of bees before it's tapped. The #2 tree I'm trapping should make at least one box of bees so if you are counting at home it means I will get at minimum $450 worth of bees this season from these two traps alone. Hopefully since bees are now swarming I will get more calls and even more bees. One more step in the right direction for making mead. Hoorah.

Here's the empty queen cell with a worker posing for scale, they are such hams sometimes!

And here's the hive placed. I added a deep box that had foundation in it and I will see how they like that. Otherwise it's just a weekly check and then a harvesting of sweet sweet clover honey.

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