Saturday, June 23, 2012

Something to write a home post about

Hello all you appreciators of plumbness!

Here's a post about some of the stuff that has been going on with the log house. Last week or so we put up the posts that will hold up the second floor. As shown here from the west end of the house and then the east end of the house.

You can see we have two wooden posts that are 6x6 oak, and one metal post that will be concealed inside a wall between the two bedrooms on the west side of the house. These are what the beams called 'girders' will sit upon. At the bottoms you can see and adjuster that can be turned with a pipe wrench. The adjuster that will be hidden will have to have a small panel built into the molding of the wall to allow for access to that one. The purpose of the adjusters is to allow for settling of the logs over time and this adjuster allows for lowering the post, and thus lowering the girder keeping things level on the second floor.

You can also see the black things up on the wall which are the brackets the cross beams will be bolted into. They are covered with plastic at the moment to make sure they do not stain the walls in the event of rain between the time they are installed and the dry-in time. At the top of the wall you can also see that the top two layers were already sealed to make way for the brackets. At the moment that whole wall is sealed, and the East wall is chinked and sealed as well.

The walls in the second picture show the difference before power washing, and after. I read the manufacturer's information for the sealant we are using on and one of the prep options was power-washing. Emiloo was in great relief to hear this news, as the previous plan was a bunch of sanding (remember the sanding party remark months ago??)

Now the big actual news which is more heavy than big is about the girder and beams. I'm on the schedule for this coming week and should only take two separate days with the crane truck. The first day is to set the girders and then brace them. We will also take final measurements for the beams. I have all the beams cut to the expected final length but you never know. The second day will be setting the beams, all 20 of them. They have been distributed around the house site for easy pickup by the crane truck from three positions so it should go fast enough to get them all set in one day. Then the roof is next, wohoo!

I'll have pictures of the beams and stuff next week, see you then! Thanks for stopping by!

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