Saturday, September 15, 2012

Would you like some catchup with your house sandwich?

Hello all you people waiting anxiously for some post, any post of news here in the sticks!

Well we have some, and quite a bit as well. To begin I think we left off of house news when we had just the posts for the second floor up and were waiting for a neighbor to bring a crane truck to help lift all the heavy beams into position. Well 3 months went past and we never heard from him, so we rented a lift and did it ourselves. Here's some pics:

This was the first one, which was a momentous occasion. Then the rest went in:

 And from above. Look how happy Emiloo is!:

Ok so that went pretty well and it only took 3 days. We got all the beams up and into position and nobody died which is always good news no matter where you come from. Ok then beams are up, what's next you might be thinking. We laid down a series of 3/4 inch plywood panels on top of the beams to make a platform in order to start on the back wall and roof. We have no pics of just the platform itself, but here's a pic of the back wall, in progress, and the main roof beam we put up over the labor day weekend:

Oh man I am so happy Emiloo helped with that beam. I quite literally almost killed myself not once but twice trying to do it while she was at work, but I managed to escape with my life and just a few bruises.

After the main beam was up I then go to work on the rafters, and after almost 2 weeks here is the result:
And from the East side of the house where you can also see we roughed in the window in the loft area (the one on the second floor on the left of the picture:

And it doesn't even fall down when I stand on it!

That's about it for the pics. In all of that time we also put in the concrete piers the front porch posts will set on. And today we started framing in the gable on the east side of the house. We have to get those two ends completed as well as the porch rafters and roofing before we can put the sheathing on the main roof. Once the roof sheathing is on we can put down the felt paper, and then finally shingle it. Once shingling is done we can install the windows and doors and we will be officially 'dried in' and ready for electrical and plumbing to start (hello Uncle Jim and Uncle Barry!). I'm not even tempted to say when that will happen cuz you know that will just jinx it, so stay tuned. I might post something before the end of the world in December.

That's all for house news. We are rolling again, but still missing stair parts from the log cabin company. Gosh they suck, but that's their problem as they are from Missouri you know. Really I can build stairs without those pieces, but we'll see if we ever get the full order we paid for in 2009...we'll see.

In other news I'll be selling soap at the Alamo Area bee meeting this coming Tuesday as we have finalized some labels. And here's a surprise for you drinkers out there--I made mead and it's clarifying as I write. I prolly won't bottle it up until after the new year, or close to that. Right now it's in a glass carboy letting the yeast drop out of solution. I might re-rack it into another carboy off of that yeast, and then it might be ready for bottling. We'll see how it goes.

Emiloo has taken over cheesemaking as I have not made any this summer due to house building. I do have 2 wheels of Gouda from last year still aging and might break one out during the family holidays. I guess you'll just have to come and see us when we are in Dallas to have a chance at any. I do think Emiloo will have some Gruyere she has been aging, but that is totally up to her is she wants to share it with you people.

Well that's it for now, I hope you are happy and satiated for a bit.

Take care, and thanks for stopping by!

PS I also wanted to especially thank Barry for all his help lately over the phone with my myriad of questions about this and that. Thanks Barry!! (I'll talk to you soon)

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