Saturday, October 6, 2012

Porch Rafter Mania

Hello all you who like to sit on the front porch enjoying a nice breeze!

Well it happened again. Another house task was completed. This chapter of 'how and why I did it' features the front porch. In the following photos you can see the concrete porch piers, the posts attached to them, the rafters that extend over the porch, and the kneewall that the half round log looking lumber will be installed.

First, the beams and girder for the front porch. At the bottom of the posts you can see a square concrete platform which will be made into stone columns from some of the rocks around here. The posts are 6x6 oak posts and the girder going across the top is 3 pieces of 6x8 oak log. There are height adjusters at the tops of the posts to lower them as the house settles. :

And then the knee-wall. This is where an additional 4 layers of faux logs are stacked, but again these are just half of logs so they should be manageable by hand. You might be able to see that there is going to be a gap from the installed ceiling and the tops of the knee wall. This is the bottom of the ventilated roof structure and will be filled in with a screen to allow air to enter there that will end up being exhausted from the peak of the roof to keep the roof cooler.

And last are the fake logs themselves with a wet puppy enjoying their shade and wetness just after they were powerwashed by Emiloo.

So now we are at the lookouts over the gable or rake walls, the lookouts over the porch which will be cedar notched into the big rafters. At some point I can install the OSB over the kneewall, and then the fake logs go on over that. Once all of that is done the tongue and groove decking can go onto the porch and ontop of that some OSB sheathing, then we are off to the roofing races with tar paper, and shingles. Oh boy.

There it is, some more progress. Wish us luck!

Thanks for stopping by!

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