Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hello all you who like roofy type action!

Ok so I'm on the roof for the past 3 weeks, literally. The front and back roof sections are now sheathed, and the back section is getting the shingles. No not the evil, painful nerve issues having to do with the chicken pox virus, but asphalt shingles.

The front roof section now sheathed:

 You can see the west side, or right side is currently 'running wild' and needs to be trimmed which will happen before the drip edge is installed. Oh and you can see the scaffolding we built around the back of the house as well once we are ready to add the house wrap.

 This is after 3 days:

So hopefully you aren't saying "That's all?" unless you don't know I'm hefting the shingles up to the roof platform, laying the chalk lines with a broken chalk line thingy, and nailing them too. Although the nailing part is the easiest with a coiled roofing nail gun. Thank goodness for the little things.

The little blue thingy's are called cap nails as building codes have changed and staples are no longer allowed (or preferred) to hold down the roofing felt, or black stuff...

Close-up on the 5/5 pattern I'm layin' down:

A 5/5 pattern by the way means that I am offsetting each row by 5", this is so that the splits between the tabs don't line up but for every 7 rows of shingles. The theory is that water cascading down between the tabs will wear off the gravel slower if done this way, so longer life is better, and it makes an attractive pattern.

The West end of the house waiting to be completed. My air hose doesn't reach over there so I'm doing as much as I can before I move the compressor and hose to finish up that side. You can also see the 5" offset a little better:

After three days I'm up to the 21st row of 34 so another two days I should be done with the section of roof. Then over the weekend while Emiloo is here maybe we can start on the front of the house nailing down the oak tongue and groove boards over the porch. Emiloo has been working diligently preparing those for the past couple of weekends to get enough to cover the porch. She has been sanding them, and then sealing them with clear polyurethane. They will look nice up there. Then after those are nailed down I can get another layer of sheathing on them, then felt, and then can start shingling the front to the ridge. We did get a couple of rolls of ice/water shield to go in the transition from the porch roof to the steep 12:12 front roof as well.

I must say I have had nothing but splendid weather since beginning the roof sections. But sheesh, even at 81 degrees it is still freakin' hot up there on that hot black tar paper. My advice? Stay in school kids and get a career indoors in the A/C as it is my belief that roofing as a job sucks. Of course it may pay really well so there you go.

As we finish stuffs I'll have more pics.

In other news...well hmm I have not much else to report. I have a bee removal job coming up. A custom soap job coming up. The mead has been in the second carboy for a few weeks and I'm about to bottle it. That's it. Oh and I've been sleeping like a rock.

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!


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