Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shinglings, Part Deux

Hello all of you also racing against the winter's icy weather!

Well cooler weather anyway. Weather that would stop the roof from settling to be clear. However, I am still full speed ahead and have broken out the roof brackets to get higher than my longish legs can reach on their own. At the end of this day I put up the second set which I'll be using to get to the ridge and moved the first set down 8ft to continue filling in the right hand side of the roof. How bout a picture you're thinking:

So you can still see some wild boards on the west side of the house which is my first task in the morning. I grabbed the little circular saw which weighs much less than the big one I've been wrestling with. After the wild boards are trimmed I can install the drip edge, and then catch up the west side of the roof and fill in all the felt paper and shingles up to the first and second sets of brackets. The purple webbing, ropes and red webbing are my tie-ins for when I'm up higher than I'm comfortable climbing by myself. I can only get so far on the 12:12 slope before my shoes give up their purchase. Those things and my harness are from the days I was a rock climber so I was lucky to have them and those experiences to help with all this monkeying around on the roof.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays I managed to get the OSB boards up, and then start shingling so I'm on about day 7 of shingling the front side. I expect another 3 days at current speed to get to the ridge and be ready to install the ridge vent so wish me luck and good thoughts.

That's all I have for now. Thanks for stopping by!

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