Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You can see it if you just look up

Hello all you fans of pretty porchdom!

Well by that opening line this must be a post about the porch. I have been rushing these past few weeks to get the roof shingled before winter so it has a chance to settle in and this step involved putting the covering over the porch. It is tongue and groove oak and makes for a nice view if you look up whilst sitting on the porch. And without further adieu here is a pic of what it looks like:

It turned out pretty good. This is the same thing you will see inside the house from the first floor in the bedrooms and the kitchen. The log home manufacturer says it is ok as a floor if you like the rustic look, but it's prolly closer to say if you never want to walk on it with bare feet, or if you really like splinters in your feet that would be ok as rustic flooring. As a ceiling covering it will look nice. These have been sealed with clear polyurethane and are pretty light colored. Emiloo has decided that something a shade or two darker would be better for inside.

Oh and I didn't post the roof on the back side of the house after finishing it so here that is:

 I have shingled up to the ridge, but the slot below will be revealed once I have the opposing face shingled, then the ridge vent gets installed over the slot. In case you didn't already know we have a vented roof, which means there will be air traveling below the roof from vents near the bottom. This is to keep the roof itself cooler in the summer, and also to avoid having moisture build up and cause mold. In the following picture you can see the gap above the knee wall below the surface of the porch where the bottom vents will be. That gap will be filled in with insect screen, and inside the roof there will be an air space about 1-2" in height to allow for the air flow. Here's a shot underneath the porch looking back at the house showing the gap:

So that gap will extend all the way to the peak, and hopefully keep the roof deck cooler which is also to extend the life of the shingles. On the back side of the house under the eave there are also going to be vents installed in the soffit to do the same thing, I'll snap pics of that when that step occurs.

Yesterday and today I have been working on sheathing the rest of the sides of the house and roughing in the window on the west side of the house. The big hole you see is the width of the window in our bedroom which is 6 feet 1 inch, and will be 4 1/2 feet tall. Here it is now so you can see how it will change after it is roughed in:

I still need to trim the roof sheathing on the front side of the house on this side, and finish the sheathing above the window to the ridge as well. I'm getting there. For now I need to run to the big box and pick up some sheets of OSB to put on top of the tongue and groove over the porch, then it's off to the roofing races again. I did purchase some roof brackets to help with the shingling of the front roof because it is so steep. I'll snap pics of those while in progress.

Well that's it for house news. In other news I bottled up the mead last night, and I think it is still a bit harsh, meaning not too sweet. Emiloo calls it 'dry'. So hopefully it will mellow the longer it stays in the bottles. In any event it does get you drunk. I managed to get 25 bottles out of 5 gallons. The bottling went really well and the corking contraption that was purchased for my birthday works a treat. I will be making up another batch from different honey soon, the only problem is we are out of small wine bottles. So I need to ask you to save your 750ml wine bottles for us too. No screw off caps please.

Ok well that's all for now. Thanksgiving is coming up and Emiloo will be traveling to see her family. I need to stay and feed goats and build the roof while the temps are still above 50 so wish us both luck. Even perched precariously on the steep roof I think I am going to be safer than Emiloo who will be driving on 35 in holiday traffic. Think good thoughts about both of us if you please.

Take care, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'll be in your area on the 7th! It looks like your doing well! Happy Holidays!

  2. Hey Amanda, long time no see. Well yes we are splendid and doing fantastic without the big city. You could stop by if you like while you're rustling about in the sticks. Call first though, we're in the book.
    Happy Holidays!