Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gift of self sufficiency

Hello all of you would like to do it yourselfers!

So it's cold, and I have the plague. I got the plague from an out of town trip whilst intermingling with little people who's ages are in the single digits. They are cute, but don't fool yourself, they harbor the nastiest bacterias and viruses known to mankind and are very willing to give them to you either by a cute kiss or just blatently spewing a cough in your face (thanks Cassidy!).

Anyway, I have had a few days to be inside doing nothing, because that is all I have been capable of, and ran across this posting on a site I have been digging on lately. It readily explains how I can appear to be so magical in solving your computer problems. I am probably breaking some geek-look-as-if-you-know-how-to-do-everything-computer thing but here it is, the method to our madness:

This comes from the Mendrs website at:

So there it is, the mystery is out of the bag about how I look so godly on the PC solving issues that apparently had no solutions.

Go forth now following this precise flow chart and you too can be magical. Thus endeth the lesson. And now I must go blow my nose and marvel at the human body's magical abilities to generate colors.

Take care and thanks for stopping by!

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