Friday, December 14, 2012

Rainy Day post, roof is complete

Hello all of you who like a roof over your head!

Well it's done, the roof is now complete. It happened a couple of weeks ago though. And just in time too! It went down to 21 degrees or so and it has rained a couple of days as it is raining now. The roof seems to be water tight and we'll have plenty of time to tell before the bottom of it is enclosed with insulation and ceiling materials.

Here are some pics of the final stages:
I am up on the roof racing to get it done in this one. The goats are supervising.

And the completed shingling, with exposed ridge vent:

And finally the completed roof:

Once again I breathe a whew at being done with this huge step. I'm pretty sure we did everything correctly and should have no problems. We've already had some high winds and no shingles blew off so that's a good sign.

Now the rest of the house, on the outside, can continue. The next steps are finishing the sheathing. Then the house wrap goes on. Then the foam on the outside of the house goes on. Then the huge windows go in. And then the board and batten goes on and we can say we are dried in at that point.

So stop back by later as we have plenty of work to do still!

Take care and thanks for stopping by!

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