Saturday, December 22, 2012

Workshop workaholic

Hello again all you who like the wood!

Well to continue from the last post about hyperactive shop activity more items came flying out of the workshop today. I really enjoy working with my hands as is evident by all of this stuff.

First, we have some Christmas tree ornaments made from a combination of Oak, Pine, and Whitewood. I twisted up some plant wire for the loops and epoxied them into the tops. They turned out great and will look great on the tree.

Then some honey dippers. In case you don't know what a honey dipper is, it is used to dip honey out of a jar. Forgive me if this sounds silly to say but I actually got that question a few days ago...These are made from Oak pieces that were left over from the house logs and they are sealed with Mineral Oil to be safe for contact with food. I'll also be selling these at the bee meeting next month, well hopefully selling that is.

The ornaments and the dippers were turned on the new JET VSLI-10 wood lathe that replaced the 30 year old Craftsman 12" lathe my father had. I had to replace it because the Craftsman, being made mostly of plastic from the 1980's, ate on itself one day while I was turning something or other. Really, I mean it, the plastic had rotted on a few pieces on the inside of the motor housing and if the cover weren't in place it surely would have placed plastic shards in my skull when it unceremoniously flew to pieces. As it was it made a horrible sound like there was a rabid Javelina trapped in there wanting to get out! After I cleaned out the plastic shards from the squirrel cage cooling fan housing it limped along for another couple of days until it ground to a halt, would no longer turn and just sat there buzzing menacingly until it started to smoke. And that was that, it was done.

Now that I am into turning items regularly I am glad I have the JET as it came with a face plate that will allow me to try turning bowls, goblets, vases and the like where the Craftsman had no ability to do any of that. It's a smooth little machine that hums warmly even when going it's maximum speed. I like it alot.

It also snowed wooden snowflakes! This is yet another project I picked up off of Steve Ramsey's youtube channel. They came out really well, and are made of aromatic cedar. Amazing what you can do with a table saw and some glue eh?

And last but not least cutting board number 2 came to life, a little smaller, and with a different pattern also made from Walnut, Cherry and Maple. I also routed the handles a little differently just to be different. Golly, I'm just going to have to make some more of these in the future. And! And! I just learned how to make boards in the 'Alice in wonderland style' so stay tuned for those, they are kewl. I do need to find a more economical way to obtain hardwood as the places that sell it around here are very very proud of their hard woods. And who wouldn't be? Here's the board:

Well that's all for now, we are leaving out of town tomorrow and we'll be on the road fighting traffic with all the other stressed drivers and I still have to pack! Wish us luck, and stay out of the way!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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