Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bowl from a board - middle steps

Hello again all of you who like bowl art!

Ok so I did get some questions on how bowl from a board is done so I took some pics of intermediate steps to explain. This bowl is two types of wood: aromatic cedar (reddish color), and regular cedar (tan color). The first pic is of the half circles after they are cut out and glued into rings, and then the second is them stacked up and waiting to be glued. This bowl should turn out to be about 6" tall by 10" wide once complete. These are cut out on the band saw using my DIY jig, and some are cut freehand because my jig is making strange cuts. I think I have a blade in the band saw that is too wide, and thus not able to make the curves I'm asking it to make. I will change it out for a thinner one and see how it goes. Anyhoo here are the pics:


I'll post up how this bowl turns out once it is finished in a few days. I have an aromatic cedar one on the lathe now and should done with that tomorrow as well. Stay tuned!

Take care, and thanks for stopping by!

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