Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mushroom goodness

Hello all of you who like representations of fungi!

So I was reading the interwebs the other day and another woodworker had a little youtube about making mushrooms on the lathe and it looked fun, so I made some too. I might be thinking about making some of these smaller, shorter actually with stouter stems, as refrigerator magnets, stay tuned.

Another angle:

These have already begun to do their job and collect dust! It is super dusty here so that's a big job. :) And my little camera needs practice focusing better...

I just kind of let them become whatever shape they want while I'm roughing them in. I am amazed how thin I can get the stem before it snaps (yep that happened.) The wood is cedar, or juniper actually from out here off the wood pile. Since we have plenty of this growing around here it will be a natural for these in the future. I am also working up a plan for 'magic mushrooms' which hold your paper clips magically on the cap. This is from this current issue of Wood magazine, but the one they made is more a squat disc than a mushroom shape. I think the marketing writes itself if the shape is a mushroom though. We'll see. And I'll post them once I make them too.

I have a bunch of stuff going on in the background and will post once I have something finished. I have also started my first segmented bowl, which is many many pieces glued up into a shape, then turned on the lathe and finished. Typically they are vase, or bowl shape. Again I'll post once I have it done, or mostly done.

Take care, and thanks for stopping by!

PS I have the bowl from the last post turned, but I am still rubbing finishes onto it so that will be up soon too. See ya!


  1. I am in love with these and I feel like my sons need some. Tell me you're opening a shop :-)

  2. We have a website at but I haven't programmed the gallery yet for sales. These little ones are $7 and the big ones in the back are $10. If you have a particular species of mushroom you would like I can look up the shape and turn some out for you in that specific shape if possible. I don't think I can do ones like Morels... The ones I have in inventory are basic shapes not really specific to any species but have some of the Juniper bark still on them. The larger ones are all wood sanded smooth and finished with wax.

    Thanks for the good words, and let me know if you would like one that's already made or some special ones. Either way I'll send you pictures of some and you can pick the ones you like the best once they are made.

    My email is

    Talk to you soon! Say hello to your Mr for us!