Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A little bigger box

Hello all you fans who enjoy house posts!

Well it has been busy again around here. Emiloo had a bunch of vacation accumulated that she was going to lose if she didn't take it so she took most of last week off and we worked on the house a bit (some vacation!)

The steps we accomplished were:
Finished the rough-in of all 2nd story windows and door. Finished sheathing of the 2nd floor. Applied house wrap to the 2nd floor. That doesn't sound like much but most of it was high upon a ladder 20 ft off the ground so that alone was pretty hairy. Oh, and I no longer have to hammer cap nails, hurray for my finger tips.

Without further adieu here are some pics of where the house stands:

East side and back:
 Back and west side:
 West side and Emiloo:

Today I am working on the soffit vents that help ventilate the roof deck. Yesterday I hot-glued screen on the backs of the vents because I thought the holes were a bit big and would allow bugs to get in there. 40 ft of vents later I have no finger prints on a couple of my fingers-that hot glue is HOT by the way... Anyway the soffit vents connect all the way to the peak of the roof and help cool the roof in summer, and clear out humidity in the winter. I also need to do the soffits under the eaves on the side of the house, but those are not vented so that should be easier except for the 20ft off the ground on a ladder thing again.

After that we are ready for the foam boards, then the windows, and door go in, and finally the final board and batten covering to officially 'dry' us in. Then we can go inside and start on that! I can't wait.

That's the plan, think good airy thoughts for us!

Take care, thanks for stopping by,


  1. that's amazing Jim! airy thoughts coming your way

  2. Thanks! I need all I can get. I am working on the back part of the house on the nice scaffolding today. In the next few days I'll be messing around on the ladder.

    I'll take pics as they occur. Thanks again!