Friday, March 1, 2013

Pretty wooden things

Hello all you who like pretty wooden things!

Well I have been at it again. The lathe and I have become close buds and we have been working on stuff in the evenings after house building. The stuff you are going to see is varied and shows how much I really like turning wood on the lathe. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them.

Here goes somethin':

This first is a revisit to the Glulam beam turning projects. The first I call Tulip (I need a picture from a lower angle for the name to make sense) which is approximately 8" across and 4" tall and here it is:

This second one is also a Glulam and I call it Dog Bowl cuz it looks like a dog bowl which is also approximately 8 in across and 4" tall:

And another in the Bowl from a board series made from Aromatic Cedar which is small at 5" across and 3" tall. Perhaps I should call it Cereal Bowl:

And a new area I am experimenting with is Wine bottle stoppers. These are made from Walnut and Maple laminated together and then turned. The Finish is a Lacquer buffed until it shines. You can't see it in the pics but if you turn these in front of your eyes you can see the luminescence of the grains in the woods.

And so far my Piece De Resistance. A piece of Black Walnut turned into a hollow form. It has tons of color and grain variation as well as some Worm eaten areas and rotted pith. It turned out to be very amazing to me, a real home run. It was finished by soaking it in Mineral Oil for 4 days. I haven't done anything else to it and am not sure I'm going to, I kind of like the matte finish it has. It stands 8" tall and 5" across at the widest point. Here are three shots showing all sides of it.

Well that's all for now. I still have 6 other things in the finishing process and will post them as I finish them. Again I do plan to sell stuff like this in the future so I need some input. Do they have artistic value? Do they suck? Would you buy them all? Let me know by leaving a comment!! Please.

Well thanks for stopping by, I should have some more house pictures soon as I finished the soffit vents on the back of the house and will move onto the eave soffits tomorrow with Emiloo holding the ladder. :)

See you soon, take care!

PS I might also ask you to "Follow" this blog so I can see who is watching regularly. Thanks again!

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