Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bee removal

Hello all you bee lovers out there!

I rescued a small colony of bees from a water meter box today and put them in one of my extra hives. From the size of the comb they had not been there for very long. Definitely a secondary swarm from a large colony, or a swarm from a small colony to begin with. They were calm considering the circumstances. They were small too which leads me to believe they have more European genes than Africanized genes so hopefully they will stay calm for a bit, but even if they don't living and aggressive is good too. I did not spot the queen specifically but they were more than happy to stay in the box while I was finishing up scooping them out of the meter box so hopefully she is there too. Here's the pics:

The cover, you can see a worker emerging to gather food and I also saw a few bringing pollen back as well. Before opening I knew they had comb. So this wasn't a swarm, they were already moving in.

The small bit of comb they had built already on the underside of the cover. That's about one fulls day's worth considering they have been pinned down due to rains here the past few days that was pretty good. They were bringing in some nice bright orange pollen from wildflowers already.

 Inside the meter box. This is what remained in the hole after I've already shaken the other half of them into the hive:

 Closer. No queen in there!:

 Once in the hive they stuck around one of the corners, hopefully around the queen:

 Is this thing on? (Me wondering if the camera is working...)

It took me about half an hour to open it, get them into the hive and close up. Not bad. Now hopefully they will live! I'll have to feed them for a bit to get them off to a good start. Tonight I'll douse them again with sugar water. Tomorrow I'll give them a feeder with sugar water, and two days later I'll let them out. They have bits of comb to get them started and if they like the box, maybe they will stay and join the apiary.

Thanks for stopping by!

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