Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Horrific Goat Cruelty Must Stop

Hello you lovers of goats and haters of goat cruelty.

I rarely expose you to horrific things that need to stop but I ran across this and had to post it.

Be forewarned the video on the page you are being sent to compares to the 'Hostel' series of movies. Mutilation and lack of humanity forced a post about it.

It is here, on the PETA site. Steel yourself before watching.

We need trained personnel, there is no argument there. But we cannot continue with these training procedures reinforcing how barbaric the human really is. It's wrong and will stop.

PETA sends you to a page with a sample letter. Send it. Get your friends to send it. This must stop.

I thank you and the goats thank you,

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